Photo of David Botello
David Botello
Solo Artist, Group

In the extensive realm of musical styles and talent, David Botello is truly deemed as being an accomplished musician and song writer from the San Francisco Bay Area. David is known for his “musical voicing technique” on keyboards, guitar and bass guitar. He has decades of experience touring with numerous bands and notable recording artists. He is also credited for his studio recording sessions throughout his music career covering every genre of music.

Recent recording projects include his first CD release project entitled “Loving You: which is a compilation of classic ballads in English as well as in Spanish. Two of David’s original compositions on the CD penned by David are: “Loving You” and “Quiero Saber.” Also, his other recent recording credits include his original film music score/arrangement for an independent film/television project entitled: “The Operator” which is currently in pre-production phase.

David produced, arranged and played musical instruments on the aforementioned recording projects. His nephew Ricardo Botello was the Chief Sound Engineer on the recording projects and his brother Hector Botello co-produced the recording project and also laid down rhythm guitar tracks on some of the referenced recording projects. The “Loving You” CD was mixed and mastered by the great George Horn at Fantasy Records in Berkeley, Ca. Mr. Horn is known and credited for his decades of recording work on recording projects of highly acclaimed recording artists.

David meticulously strives to attain artistic perfection in his studio recordings as well as live performances. His primary objective at this juncture in his music career is to preserve and reintroduce to new audiences timeless and everlasting clean, romantic classic love ballads. David’s sincere wish is to reach out to audiences of all ages with his unique musical style and musical variation. We trust that you will truly enjoy and cherish this special CD of great songs that David Botello has chosen to share with all of us.



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Photo of Nina Causey
Nina Causey
Vocalist, Solo Artist

Ready for Big Leagues…singer Nina Causey has stellar potential, she has been singing and playing the piano since the age of four she earned her bachelor and masters degrees in music from, respectively, Roosevelt University in Chicago and The University of Illinois in Urbana, IL and also studied classical piano for twelve years at The American Conservatory of Music in Chicago. “Gordon Raddue”

Nina is truly an extraordinary performer. Her rich performing experience has included being the opening act for many of the entertainment giants of the world, including The Temptations and The Drifters.

Recent Performances:
Broadway Grill Cotton Club appearance as
Lena Horne, Burlingame, CA

Featured as a jazz/blues vocalist in concert with her
three piece combo @ Angelica’s Bell Theater, Redwood City, CA

United States Venues:
Top of the Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco, CA
Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, CA
Four Season’s Clift Hotel, San Francisco, CA
Angelica’s Bell Theater, Redwood City, CA
Broadway Grill, Burlingame, CA
Kimball’s East, Emeryville, CA
Caesar’s Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Harrah’s Hotel, Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nevada
Juneteenth Blues Festival, Vallejo, CA
The Grapevine Supper Club, Chicago, IL
International House, Denver, Colorado

International Venues:
Roi Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

Playboy Club, Tokyo, Japan
Paradise Hotel, Bahamas
Guadalahara, Mexico

Musical Operas in starring roles: “Carmen Jones”, Berkeley, CA, “Lady Sings the Blues”, Berkeley, CA, “Billie’s Song”, San Francisco, CA, “Apple Tree” Bonfils Theater, Denver, CO, “Italian Straw Hat” Bonfils Theater, Denver, CO, and “Follies”, Bonfils Theater, Denver, CO

Television appearances: KBTH “Beverly Martinez Show”, Denver, KTZO “George Picard Show”, San Francisco, KTZO, “Telethon”

Nina has studied dance in the following styles: ballet, modern dance, jazz, tap, street funk, hip hop, belly, salsa, and zumba. As a native of Chicago, naturally, she excels in “Chicago steppin’.



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Photo of Lisa Lindsley
Lisa Lindsley
Vocalist, Solo Artist

Jazz vocalist Lisa Lindsley Ignites the City of Lights with her second album “Long After Midnight”, a gorgeous and playful program of familiar and overlooked standards recorded in Paris

Jazz vocalist Lisa Lindsley says that moving to Paris for a year was an idea proposed by her daughter, an aspiring high school contortionist who wanted to hone her French while studying at the Fratellini Circus School. Much to her daughter’s surprise, Lindsley put the plan in motion, and turned the adventure into the next step in her remarkable musical evolution. While her daughter decided return to the states after six months to tour with a circus in Vermont, Lindsley settled into the 19tharrondissement and quickly developed a network of regular gigs with skilled accompanists.

She documents these relationships on her second album, Long After Midnight, a gorgeous collection of sultry songs on her Take One Music label that’s available in Europe (and digitally) May 13, and in the USA June 10, 2016.   “When we set out for Paris I had no gigs in mind,” says Lindsley, a longtime resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. “I just went to all the open mics and I’d ask to sit in. The musicians were always really impressed I was an American singing the American Songbook. Afterwards I’d talk to the owner and that’s how I started getting gigs. Before long I found musicians I really enjoyed working with.”

Lindsley is no slouch at making a powerful first impression. A late blooming artist who came to jazz singing in mid-life, she earned national attention with her stellar 2010 debut release Everytime We Say Goodbye, an intimate session featuring bassist Fred Randolph and superlative accompanist George Mesterhazy (pianist for Shirley Horn and Paula West). She’s been working steadily around the Bay Area over the past decade, but when she and her daughter relocated to Paris in the fall of 2013 Lindsley put everything on hold, including her prolific career as a voice-over artist of considerable celebrity. As the voice of Princess Leia in LeapFrog’s Star Wars game and the characters Soraka and Kayle in Riot Games’ hugely popular online game League of Legends “I get fan mail and fans cry when they meet me,” Lindsley says.

Far more than a souvenir of her year-long adventure, Long After Midnight is a fully realized statement from an artist with a discerning ear for overlooked material and a sure sense of songs ideally suited for her pleasingly smoky soprano. Working with a stellar coterie of Parisian players, she delivers an irresistible program featuring pianist Laurent Marode, drummer Mourad Benhammou, Esaie Cid on flute, clarinet and tenor saxophone, and Bay Area bass master Jeff Chambers (the Paris session’s only ringer).   “Jeff used to play in Paris a lot. As soon as he walked into the studio Mourad Benhammou said ‘I saw you play with Bobby Hutcherson 20 years ago.’ We went in and laid down 15 songs in the first day. It was the Mesterhazy thing all over again,” says Lindsley, referring to the copacetic studio chemistry that pervaded her debut album.   Opening with the title track, Lindsley doesn’t waste any time sharing the music she gathered on her sojourn. With its echoes of Thelonious Monk’s iconic ballad “Round Midnight,” James Wilson and Tricia Lee Sampson’s lovely “Long After Midnight” offers an alluring invitation to a seductive nighttime world that pulses with the heartbeat of Chambers’ imposing bass. She introduces another gem by Wilson, a California-raised jazz guitarist who teaches music at the American School of Paris, with “Skylark Song,” a delightfully fluttery melody on which her poignant vocals swoop and glide with Cid’s lustrous flute.

With her relaxed phrasing and unfussy approach to arrangements, Lindsley fully claims several oft-recorded songs as her own. Her concise, amused version of “Star Eyes” finds more light than heat in the Gene de Paul/Don Raye standard. She mines the deep vein of Irving Berlin’s treasure trove with an appropriately Caribbean-inflected “Heat Wave” and a tear-jerk torchsong take on “Love, You Didn’t Do Right By Me,” a rarely heard gem associated with Rosemary Clooney from the 1954 film White Christmas.   The album’s emotional centerpiece is another undersung chestnut, “The House Is Haunted (By the Echo of Your Last Goodbye),” an ache-filled lament she delivers with just the right blend of resignation and regret. A pinch of funk dials up the sass of “Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend,” while Lindsley’s insouciant spirit is on full display on her slinky on-the-spot version of the 1966 Donovan hit “Mellow Yellow.” The album closes with sleek and sensuous trot through “Surrey With the Fringe on Top,” a song tackled more often by instrumentalists than singers. As a winning bonus track, she delivers a brief impromptu medley of “When Your Smiling” and “Pennies From Heaven” featuring Benhammou’s dexterous brush work.

As the dawn approaches and the evening’s revelry comes to an end, Lindsley hasn’t started to wear out her welcome.   Womanly and girlish, romantic and carnal, spirited and introverted, Lindsley comfortably inhabits a full range of roles and sensibilities. She’s a jazz singer who knows that the music is at its best when it flows from lived experience. While she’s a relative latecomer to the bandstand, she’s been around the music her entire life. She grew up listening to jazz greats like Bill Evans, Dave Brubeck, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan because her father kept jazz and classical music playing on the stereo. Her mother, a film actress who had to leave Hollywood in the 1950s because of the McCarthy-era blacklist, imbued in her a love of theater.

While as a young teen Lindsley gravitated to the rock and pop music of the day, she discovered musical theater in high school, a passion that carried through to college. After graduating from the prestigious California Institute for the Arts (CalArts) theater program, she spent a decade touring and performing with The Imagination Company. Raising two daughters put her performing ambitions on hold for years, but she developed a successful career as a voice over artist, cast in national ad campaigns, radio shows and video games.

Just like her daughter led her to Paris, Lindsley found her way back to music when her daughters got involved in musical theater. Her work as Vicky in a production of “The Full Monty” caught the attention of the bartender at a jazzspot in the East Bay artist colony of Pt. Richmond, and he invited her to sit in at a jam session. The experience was an epiphany, and realizing the jazz was an ideal creative outlet Lindsley delved into the Bay Area’s rich pool of jazz education. She honed her skills with Roger Letson at Contra Costa College, and studied with Maye Cavallero, Laurie Antonioli and Pamela Rose at the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley. Veteran Bay Area pianist/drummer Kelly Park provided essential on the job training.   “He taught me a whole bunch about music, basic theory and rhythm, and what musicians think of singers who don’t know their stuff,” Lindsley says.

In turning herself into the consummate professional, Lindsley has also turned into a powerfully expressive artist whose debut album announced the emergence of a formidable creative force. With Long After Midnight, Lindsley makes a major leap as a vocalist fully in charge of her sound and repertoire. It’s an album for blissful late-night listening that leaves you wondering what the next day has to offer.



“The mood is intimate as her duo accompaniment…help her keep it quiet and subtle. an album full of love songs, “The Nearness of You” sets the pace with a lazy cadence and rhythm; Lindsley’s simple delivery is delicate and unaffected.“  – John Ephland- Downbeat

“She sings….simply, presenting the melodies in a relaxed and listener-friendly way. Her exquisitely balanced voice is what gives Lindsley license for such straight and compelling interpretation, interpretation that would be banal and boring in less talented voices.”  – C. Michael Baily

“Lindsley’s charming and expressive voice catches your ear because of her natural sense of phrasing, timing and expression. On this trio project, she was fortunate to call on pianist George Mesterhazy, who is a premier accompanist for singers (Shirley Horn, Paula West, Rebecca Parris, Karrin Allyson, among others), and rock-solid bassist Fred Randolph. She makes each standard her own.” – Ken Franckling, All About Jazz




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Photo of Maria Morlino
Maria Morlino

Maria Morlino comes from a humble family in Oakland, CA. She is the eldest of daughter of three and is a classically trained vocalist. Maria’s parents supported her in the field of music though economically disadvantaged. As a little girl, she enjoyed music and started playing instruments. At a later date, she joined a band called, “La Estudiantina de Oakland.” Around the same time, Maria also started taking piano lessons. In school she always sought to be involved in doing something musical. While in school she had the privilege of going to play and sing to the elderly and the infirm. Her mother realized she had the talent for singing at a young age. Her mother had been vocally trained in Mexico. Maria and her mother would often get together and sing. It became a custom in her family to get together on Friday and Saturday evenings and sing while Maria played either the guitar or organ. In school she had the opportunity to sing and play the church organ. Later she became a part of the Better World Entertainment chorus until it disbanded. More recently, she has released a CD entitled, “Secret Love.” She has had the opportunity to perform at Yoshis in San Francisco, CA with Ricardo Scales, CA and also performed for the new major Ed Lee with Ricardo Scales at the Sheraton in San Francisco, CA. She also performs at the Top of the Mark on Wednesday Evenings with Ricardo Scales.

> Early life
Maria Morlino was born in Oakland, CA to immigrants from Caurio, Michuacan Mexico. Maria’s mother was a trained singer. She also played the piano and composed songs. Maria’s father loved music, he loved to sing and play the harmonica. This love of music is what inspired Maria to go into the music business.

Early on in her childhood at school, school mates would praise Maria for her ability to reach high notes. In school, her first instrument was the flute, then she progressed to playing the violin. As time when on, she wanted to learn to play other instruments and sing. She and her friends found a place to learn to play the guitar and subsequently formed a band called the “Estudiantina de Oakland” directed by Juan Silva. The more she became involved with music the more she wanted to learn. After she joined the band she became interested in playing the piano and would be at her parents bed waking them up and asking them when they were going to buy her a piano. She started off playing piano but ended up liking the organ better because of the many sounds that the organ could make. When that band disbanded she still actively pursued music by going to the library to continue learning and would check out different sheet music.

The family as a whole loved music. It became a custom in her family to get together on Friday and Saturday evenings and sing while she played either the guitar or organ. The artists that helped form her musical foundation were: Lucha Villa, Amalia Mendoza, Manuela Torres, Rocio Durcal, Vicente Fernandez, Javier Solis, Libertad LaMarque, las Hermanas Huerta, Flor Silvestre, Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Antonio Aguilar and others. Maria and her mother would often do duets at home. Maria loved singing and would often picture herself singing to huge audiences including her class mates at the time. As she was still in school she would volunteer for anything musical that she could do.

As time progressed, she always sought an opportunity to continue doing something musical in her life and continued pursuing avenues that would lead her destiny. Hence, she would perform for family and friends at home. This was the impetus that Maria needed to honor her father’s deathbed request for her to continue her musical endeavors.

Maria Morlino sings from her heart, being told that she is a Torch Singer, she tackles emotions such as anger and fear, along with the more sought after feelings of joy, hope, and love. Maria joined a chorus called, Better World Entertainment. When the group disbanded she started taking vocal lessons with Kathy Saffas, Lucia Scardigno, Sean Martinfield, the San Francisco critic and more recently with Ricardo Scales.

More recently she has opened for Bay Area Legend as well as Grammy and People’s Choice Nominee Ricardo Scales at Yoshi’s San Francisco and performed countless times at Internationally famous Jazz & Blues Club “ Top of the Mark”. Maria has also has sung for the Mayor of San Francisco during his inauguration ceremony. It was with Ricardo that she has been working with for the past year and has produced her first CD entitled Secret Love.

As she developed her vocal ability, though she thought she could only sing certain songs and discovered that she had a greater vocal ability and started singing jazz, r&b and soul, which she loved. Her influences in this style of music were jazz pioneers such as Sarah Vaughan, Betty Carter and Carmen McRae, Dinah Washington, Billie Holiday, Peggy Lee, Nina Simone, Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald and others. The greatest contribution to her musicality were the works and pieces of Cole Porter, George and Ira Gershwin, Kurt Weill, Count Basie, and Antonio Carlos Jobim.



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Photo of Scheherazade Stone
Scheherazade Stone
Vocalist, Solo Artist

Singer/songwriter Scheherazade Stone was born to an African American father and English/Irish mother in the music mecca of Detroit, Michigan and raised in the creative, politically progressive culture of San Francisco, California where her roots are still firmly planted today.
Cultivated by her mother who is a classically trained musician as well, Scheherazade has always had a deep and powerful connection to music.

She began her formal vocal training at the age of 11, continuing studies at The School Of The Arts, which led to her receiving a degree in Vocal Performance at the University, thereby completing her music education with master vocal coach Judy Davis.

Studying and performing dance along with theater for many years with both the All City Dance Co. and Intersection for the Arts/Campo Santo have also played significant parts in creating a dynamic performance level which is felt throughout her live shows and recordings – all preludes to seal a life-long career in music.

Scheherazade has embraced a multitude of musical genres from Jazz, Soul, Rock, Hip Hop, Folk, Blues, Pop and World, to leading numerous bands throughout the years both locally as well as abroad. Her soulful vocal stylings have been showcased internationally with concerts and tours in Europe, Africa, Japan and Russia, performing at the prestigious Monterey Jazz Festival, the North Sea Jazz Festival, the Tunisia World Music Festival, and the SF Jazz Center, as well as being a featured artist throughout Japan and Russia.

Earning a Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Single, “The World Is Gifted” for her work with the Hieroglyphics Ensemble, along with being nominated for Best Bay Area Jazz Vocalist, Best Bay Area Jazz Group (Hueman Flavor), and Best Bay Area Jazz Album (The Up&Down Jazz Sessions) by the esteemed Bammy Awards Association are just a few high points of recognition received for her work.

Scheherazade has performed with such notable artists as Don Cherry, Doug Carn, David Murray, The Grateful Dead, Brian McKnight, Sam Shepard, members of The Digital Underground, Taj Mahal, Ghasem Batamuntu, Calvin Keys, Eddie Gale, Kai Eckhardt, Laundon Von Kendricks, Santero, Brian Gore, Jai Uttal, Flynn Jemerson and Beck, not to mention her own stellar band in their own right – Troy Lampkin (bass/Narada Michael Walden), Deszon Claiborne (drums/Chuck Brown), Dave MacNab (guitar/Shelby Lynn) and Dan Eisenberg (piano/Tift Merritt).
Currently working on her latest release, Scheherazade is excited to share an intimate glimpse into heart-felt, real-life stories of love, loss, joy, struggle and hope as well as some poignant and keen observations on culture and society – All through the art of meticulously crafted songs expressed in powerful songwriting and lush band and vocal performances.

And through the music, she looks forward to sharing this newly unveiled passion and soul with her audiences and fans in a way that she hopes moves and inspires them like never before, touching the world with healing, deep inner spirituality and a profound desire to transcend division, violence and pain.

*Grammy Nomination For Best Band Jazz Single, “The World Is Gifted”,
w/The Hieroglyphics Ensemble
Bay Area Music Award Nominations For:
Best Vocalist – Scheherazade Stone
Best Club Band – Hueman Flavor
Best Jazz CD – “Up&Down Sessions II”

The Grateful Dead @ The Cal Expo
Beck @ The Regency
Brian McKnight @ The DNA Lounge
Spearhead @ The Fillmore
The Tony Rich Project @ The Fillmore
Lenny Williams @ The Great American Music Hall

“Beyond The Stars” Music Video/Indie
“The SF Modern Music Scene” BET Productions
“VH-1 Fashion TV” VH-1/MTV Productions
“Santa Barbara” NBC
“Warm Sherry” Music Video/Indie
“First Cut” KRON-TV, SF
“Hueman Flavor – Live” Guava Jelly Productions
“Shooz Off” Music Video/Indie
“Rocker Van Beethoven” Music Video/Indie


“One of the hidden gems of SFJazz is its Hotplate series, featuring Bay Area singers reinterpreting the works of musical legends where the sublimely talented young singer, Scheherazade Stone, covers the songs of the late Gil Scott-Heron.” –

“Dynamic singer Scheherazade Stone surveys the music of proto-rapper Gil Scott-Heron as part of SFJAZZ’s Hotplate series.” –

“Local songstress Scheherazade Stone breaths new life into the words of Gil Scott-Heron with a standout Hotplate tribute that’s sure to be the talk of the town!” –

“The album’s only vocal track, “Detour,” is pure beat poetry, as Scheherazade Stone’s cool vocalese follows the laid-back, blue-funk trail laid by the band, warbling affecting lyrics like, “It’s how we learn to face mountains/That we find depth in direction/Following detours.” –


Reaching For A Star


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